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Unit 6 Dales Brewery, Gwydir St
Cambridge, England, CB1
United Kingdom


Hot Numbers is a high quality, independent gourmet coffee-house and roastery in Gwydir St, Cambridge. Providing delicious hand roasted coffee, speciality tea and light bites, to include pastries baked on site plus home-made cakes and paninis. We even stock Fitzbillies famous chelsea buns & cakes!

A hub for interesting folk to meet and chat accompanied by great jazz and blues music. Call in and enjoy the wonderful space of Dales Brewery. A true find for any discerning coffee enthusiast.



to Jun 18

Mari Kidd

MARI KIDD EXHIBITION 23/5/17- 18/6/17

Mari Kidd's fine art prints concentrate on the relationships between objects and the space they occupy. The rudimentary interiors are populated by only a few everyday objects. The recurring motif of the latest series of prints is a light bulb and chair. The simplified content allows for a greater manipulation of the design elements of the still lives. The prints are created in series using combinations of intaglio and relief printing techniques. Occasionally she will use some colour in the form of a background roll over or monoprint. Each print uses variations in the inking process, and modifications to the depiction of scale to encourage different narratives to be interpreted from the same key elements in the image. Velvety, aquatint textures and rich tones provide a strong contrast to the inscribed drawn line.

Mari uses abstract and symbolic elements to give viewers a chance to think and analyse these prints on their own because everyone has a different interpretation. The elements in the space fill it with the stillness of their mood. Taken alone they are symbols of this supposed system of living.

Recently an organic element has come into play representing seeds being drawn upwards towards a light source, the bulb.These are woodcuts printed on fine Japanese paper suspended on a thread.

Mari completed an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Cambridge School of Art in 2009 and was awarded 1st prize in the Gainsborough House Printmaking competition in 2013

Subsequent exhibitions have been held across the country including North House Gallery, Manningtree, London, Royal Society of Painter-printmakers, Brighton, Cambridge, Bury St.Edmunds and Snape Maltings Gallery.

Join Mari for the open evening of her exhibition on May 24th

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Colin Wiles
to May 21

Colin Wiles

Colin Wiles has lived in Romsey Town, Mill Road for almost thirty years. He works as an independent housing consultant but has been painting for a number of years. He is self-taught and paints in a shed at the bottom of his garden. He prefers to paint in oils on board or canvas, and of late has been using Humbrol enamel paints, the ones that come in small pots (used for Airfix models). He has exhibited at Cambridge Open Studios for a number of years and in St Ives, Cornwall. His subjects include shop fronts (independents, not chains), Cornwall, London, the sea

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to Apr 16


Jim Carrington – “Cambridge – A Different View”


Jim Carrington is a local photographer who has lived in CB1 for most of his life. "Cambridge - A Different View"

is a selection of his monochrome images depicting vignettes of Cambridge as seen through the eyes of a Mill Road resident. Jim's photographs capture atmospheric story-telling street scenes and details that are usually missed by travel books and which show our beautiful city from a different viewpoint.

In this, his first exhibition at Hot Numbers, Jim will also display a few examples of his other photographic work, including seascapes and portraiture.

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to Mar 19


"This, my 4th public exhibition and thematically  moves away from portraits and abstract landscapes with a focus more on urban cityscape.

Having travelled and lived abroad in some major European cities I've always been fascinated by the ever changing nature and structure of the urban environment and this has influenced my latest series of paintings. 

Some of the work explores a more abstract panoramic flavour of the city. Canvases are often textured to give the buildings a depth and gritty feel. However there is a distinct contrast and some pieces have a closer more detailed and sometimes  ironic take on contemporary street life."



4th MARCH 7pm-10pm

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Josh Murfitt - ‘Land, Sea and Sky: Photographs from the Shetland Islands’
to Feb 26

Josh Murfitt - ‘Land, Sea and Sky: Photographs from the Shetland Islands’

Josh Murfitt studied BA Photography at Anglia Ruskin University. He currently works as a professional photographer in the arts and cultural heritage sector. As an artist he is inspired by the landscapes of the north and the changing atmospheric conditions of the natural environment. He draws influence and inspiration from travels to remote parts of the UK and Ireland in search of lonely, undeveloped landscapes. This project came about from an invitation to join a group of ornithologists working on a remote, uninhabited island in the Shetlands, off the far-north coast of Scotland. For nearly two weeks they camped on the island without electricity, hot running water or wifi connections. During this time he observed the way local wildlife live according to changes in atmospheric conditions, and saw how they rely on the environment, as well as each other, to survive. The resulting series explores themes of isolation and the transient atmospheric states of an environment which is continually changing. This exhibition invites the audience to consider the meditative sensory experience of the great outdoors, through a series of atmospheric photographs depicting the land, sea and sky of the Shetland Islands.

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Hot Numbers Open Exhibition
to Jan 22

Hot Numbers Open Exhibition

Hot Numbers is hosting an exhibition that is open to anybody. The deadline has passed but please come and have a look at the eclectic exhibition. 

The preview will be on the 14th December from 7-9pm. Everyone is welcome to come and meet all of the many artists that will be there. 


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Charlotte Cotterill
to Dec 11

Charlotte Cotterill

Charlotte is a recent graduate of the Children’s Book Illustration MA from Cambridge School of Art; she is originally from Nottinghamshire and moved to Cambridge in September 2014 to study. Real life and real people always inspire Charlotte’s work, however loosely, and she loves inventing stories and art based on what she sees in her daily life.

 Charlotte’s artwork has been recognised by Macmillan publishers gaining her ‘highly commended’ in the prestigious Macmillan Prize in June 2016. She is currently working on a new picture book to be published by Faber and is still living and working in Cambridge. 

The preview for Charlotte's exhibition will be on the 16th November from 7.00-9.00pm. Her exhibition will consist of two series of works:

‘A Day in the Life of Hot Numbers’

The MA course started out with an observational drawing module, which Charlotte loved so much she carried the theme on into her next project and produced a series of paintings based on a day in the life of Hot Numbers. The images are all from one perspective of the café, which has changed dramatically since the refurbishment, and depicts the comings and goings of semi-invented figures and changes to the environment. The passage of time is also captured by the change of light in the paintings, which depicted through the use of colour from orange in the morning to blue in the evening. The paintings are all made using watercolour and white ink.


‘Gilbert’ is a picturebook project created using handmade lino prints that are then digitally coloured this shows a different and more graphic stand to Charlotte’s work. The story was inspired by a real man with a huge beard who she saw walking down Mill Road one day. The original artworks on display are limited edition lino cut prints that are hand pressed using oil based black ink onto acid free paper.

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Drink and Draw Exhibition
to Nov 13

Drink and Draw Exhibition

Drink and Draw is an artist-led group of people who meet at Hot Numbers to drink coffee and draw stuff. This is their annual exhibition which is open to all members of the group, so expect to see an eclectic mix of works in a variety of media. Join us at the preview night on Wednesday 19th October from 19.00 - 21.00 to catch the first glimpse of the collection and share a glass of wine or two with the artists!

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Iona Howard
to Oct 16

Iona Howard

Exhibition Preview: Wednesday 13th September 7-9pm

Iona Howard’s fine art carborundum prints explore surface and line created over time through human interaction with the landscape. Iona’s work features flat fenland vistas near her Cambridgeshire studio and the softer lines of Iona’s native west Cornwall. 

Iona is captivated by the ancient semi-natural landscapes typical of West Penwith and The Lizard where a blurred line exists between nature and human activity. Her recent prints of The Fens convey a raw blackness of earth etched with converging lines of lode and plough. Here the lines of history are more stark: plough and crop lines change through the seasons, patterning the fenland bound in by lodes and banks.

Iona’s plates are predominantly carborundum, a technique where a mix of a binder and carborundum grit is applied onto the surface of a plate and inked up. It provides highly embossed, velvety textures and rich, dense tones. This medium allows the freedom to work on a large scale in the same way as approaching painting. To contrast the carborundum, drypoint is added to produce an incised line, characteristically thin, linear and precise. Colour is introduced by using one or more carborundum plates or adding layers of monoprint. 
Iona completed an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Cambridge School of Art in 2009 and in 2012 was awarded the Curwen Studio prize at the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers Summer Exhibition. Her prints Goonhilly Downs and White Downs State III were selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


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