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Introducing Exceptional Ice Cold Coffee. On tap.

Written by Admin99, published 03-29-19

Now on the counter at our Trumpington St. Shop, our first foray into the world of nitro coffee is an incredibly creamy, ice cold coffee. Forcing nitrogen into our highest scoring single origin coffee and serving it through a stout tap creates this silky smooth beverage.

Imagine all the body and mouthfeel and sweetness of a flat white, but from a black coffee. All of the beautiful aromas and fragrance of these excellent coffees are trapped in the tiny cascading bubbles, ready to be released on the first sip. The finish is just as smooth with the caramel and chocolatey roasted coffee notes coming through in the aftertaste.This is different to our ever popular cold brew. our 90+ Nitro is brewed hot and crash-chilled. Those subtle and complex flavours extracted by hot brew processes can make iced coffee a little sour- but the creamy sensation produced by Nitro balances the drink perfectly.This means we can now celebrate our most exciting premium coffees even when the temperature soars! 

Super Chill

Reliable temperature controlled unit makes sure every serve is as cold as you want it to be. No need to worry about keeping your fridge stocked up with bottles for those times when the sun shines. The weather might be unpredictable, but our Nitro isn’t.

Fast Service.

Don’t keep your customers waiting for their iced coffee, pull the tap whilst they’re looking for their card and have a beautiful beverage before they even find a seat. good news for those busy rushes.

No Milk? No Worries.

Get all the creamy mouthfeel and sweetness you expect from a milky coffee without bothering the cows, or replacing rainforests with Soya beans.Easier on the environment, lighter on the calories and no lactose to tolerate!

Save Space.

We love our beautifully bottled beverages as much as the next, but a Nitro unit can free up valuable fridge space and even reduce the number collections you need for your recycling bin. Less waste and more space can only be a good thing. The under-counter kegs come in a range of sizes to fit almost any space and the tap units take up a similar amount of space to the most popular coffee grinders out there.

Save Money.

The big one – Nitro is brewed in bulk so you benefit from an economy of scale, the beverage is worthy of a premium price point, and a fast and efficient serve means your baristas can be getting on with other jobs.

If this sounds like something you’re excited to try in your shop then get in touch. We can answer your questions via email: roastery@hotnumberscoffee.co.uk or by phone 01223 300 730.

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