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A Greener Hot Numbers

Written by Admin99, published 01-26-22

Recently, we have been looking into how to make Hot Numbers more sustainable and environmentally friendly and Alex in the Roastery has been helping massively by getting some of the facts straight.

There are big issues which need addressing in the hospitality industry, one being how we deal with our waste, so we have been delving into how we can manage it to be a greener coffee shop whilst retaining our Hot Numbers Coffee redness! Here’s some more info which we’ve been digging into…

Managing our waste came with an initial challenge because there are a so many different terms to understand in order to make an informed decision. To tackle this and make sure we are making the best choices for us and our customers on what to do with our products, we have been taking a lot of time recently to educate ourselves on these terms commonly used. So what are they and how do we understand them?

Commercially and industrially compostable items means that these products must be taken away to specific composting plant and held at high temperatures for 6-12 weeks.

Recyclable means that the product can be taken to a recycling plant and recycled to be made into something new.

Biodegradable can only be applied to the organic materials used within a product, so we’ve been taking the time to look at what components make up our packaging and products.

To clear up any confusion that we had, we organised a meeting with Greater Cambridge Shared Waste and as a result, we have decided to move away from these commercially compostable items to reduce the amount of waste in the first place where possible, and where not, to use recyclable products.

We also asked whether products contaminated with food on can go into the recycling bin. What we actually found out is that our general waste gets composted before final disposal, this means that any takeaway boxes we find with lots of food in can go into our general waste bin rather than contaminate the recycling bin, and the food particles actually promote the growth of the bacteria which helps to break down the compostable components thrown into the general waste bin. Greater Cambridge Shared Waste also told us that our takeaway cups can still be recycled even if they’ve been used, as long as any excess liquid is tipped out of them.

As already reported, as part of the greener journey, we have been sending our used coffee grinds from the coffees we make for you off to be converted and made into fuel logs by our friends at Biobean. These fuel logs can be brought in our Roastery and used in a log burner or fireplace to heat your home. It’s just another way of prolonging and extending the coffee’s lifecycle and reducing our waste.

So that’s what we do, what can you do to help?

Another way in which we have been looking to manage our waste is to encourage you, our customers, to bring your own reusable cups (you’ll even get a 25p discount when you do!) We sell re-usable cups in the cafes but please have a rummage through the back of your cupboards first to see if you already have one… helping save resources even further!

As always, if you have any ideas of how we can make other changes to improve our ways of working, please just let us know by emailing: info@hotnumberscoffee.co.uk

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