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A greener Hot Numbers… Whilst keeping hold of our redness of course!

Written by Admin99, published 12-04-21

Recently, we have been looking into how to make Hot Numbers more sustainable and environmentally friendly and Alex from the roastery has been full steam ahead with finding out more. There are issues on this topic which need addressing in the hospitality industry, one being how we deal with our waste, so we have been delving into how we can manage it to be a greener coffee shop whilst retaining our Hot Numbers Coffee redness of course!

As part of the greener journey, we have been sending our used coffee grinds from the coffees we make for you off to be converted and made into fuel logs by our friends at Biobean. These fuel logs can be bought in our roastery and used in a log burner or fireplace to heat your home in the winter. It’s just another way of prolonging and extending the coffee’s lifecycle and reducing our waste.

If you have any ideas at all about how to make things greener and more sustainable then please get in touch with us!


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