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“Speciality coffee, training and support at wholesale prices”


Hot Numbers are a speciality roaster established in 2011 with 3 busy independent coffee shops, a roastery and a bakery in and around Cambridge.



We supply a wide range of businesses with coffee across the UK. Hot Numbers can supply your business with great tasting, ethically sourced coffee at competitive prices. We love coffee and trade directly with a number of suppliers to ensure the farmers get rewarded for their hard work based on a quality score that each coffee is given. Our prices reflect this quality and our new 30 kg Giesen Roaster allows us to offer you the most competitive prices we can as we become more efficient in our roast processes and economies of scale.



We drop our coffee off in re-usable buckets on our daily van run within Cambridge, and offer free postage on all wholesale orders to the rest of the country. All our packaging is considered carefully and recyclable.



We offer a range of espresso machines, brewers, grinders and hot water boilers to suite your office or coffee shop. We work closely with Marzocco, Conte and Marco coffee machines to help deliver a range of price points without compromising on quality.



Complimentary barista training is given to all of our Wholesale customers. It is a chance for us to get to know you and your business needs and it’s always a fun day sharing our knowledge and passion for coffee with you. We use a process called cupping to evaluate our coffee and host regular events at our roastery which we would love you to join in with.



Limescale from hard water is the biggest destroyer of coffee machines. We understand this and will replace your water filters, group head seals and grinding burrs on a regular service schedule to keep your machines performing with minimal downtime and your coffee tasting the best it can be.



We would love to hear from you and for you to call in for a coffee with us to discuss your needs. You can email us here: roastery@hotnumberscoffee.co.uk. Come and meet our friendly team and see our roaster in action. If you visit on a Friday there might even be a slice of pizza fresh from our bakery! We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to discuss becoming your chosen coffee supplier.


Please contact our team below for questions relating to wholesale coffee and tea, deliveries, training, equipment and support.

We look forward to hearing from you:

Hot Numbers Roastery, Shepreth, SG8 6RB



Why become a Wholesale Customer?

Who we are

Hot Numbers is an Independent speciality coffee company established in 2011 with three successful coffee shops in Cambridgeshire. We began Roasting our own coffee in 2012 as the next step in our quest to produce the best coffee possible.

We can now offer a range of single origin speciality Coffees and espresso blends, our high quality organic Kandula Tea as well as technical and training support for you and your team.

Why us?

We roast ethically sourced, speciality grade coffee (100% Coffea Arabica). The aim with our roast process is to tease out all the flavour that the green bean has to offer, without masking any of those notes with bitter burnt or charred flavours you get from darker roasting.

Precision Processing

We use two state-of-the-art Giesen Coffee Roasters, feeding into our Giesen software. This means we can precisely control every one of the hundreds of variables which affect flavour and always have a record to replicate our results and produce consistent and high quality coffee.

Machinery, Equipment & Support

A well-chosen coffee machine, grinder and barista equipment is key to making a great cup of coffee, alongside quality fresh roasted beans and a well-trained barista that is! The exciting yet challenging part is that all of these elements must be understood and embraced in order to be rewarded with liquid gold.

We are here to guide you on your coffee journey and impart our knowledge within this exciting and ever growing industry to make this happen. Our wholesale team are here to help you with any coffee related questions you may have and we are fortunate to have a very busy proving ground in our Cambridge cafes with which to put equipment through its paces. We favour machinery and equipment we believe in and which has proven itself. If our Baristas don’t rate it, we don’t sell it!


It is very important to us at the roastery that we work closely with you to maintain your coffee interest and knowledge and to form a trusted working relationship with your business over time.

As a wholesale customer you will benefit from our inclusive barista training courses to get the best from your equipment and to help your staff communicate coffee both confidently and with passion.

We want you to enjoy your experience with us and to get the best from our coffee in a realistic service setting, so we can come to you or you can visit our roastery to talk machinery or cup coffee with us. Our constant curiosity will serve to keep you current with the latest equipment offerings, industry trends and brewing know-how.

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