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3 Nov 2019
15:00 ~ 17:30

Eastern Strings Duo (Daphna Sadeh & Knud Stüwe)

Written by Lucas, published 09-19-19

Eastern Strings  features Daphna Sadeh on double bass and Knud Stüwe on oud. They started collaborating two years ago and since then have performed, composed and recorded. Daphna and Knud share musical interests ranging from Classical to Jazz and Middle Eastern music.

Their new album “Climbing the Summit”,released on 33 Records Extreme label is a collaboration of both Daphna and Knud compositions reflecting their musical backgrounds and vision of musical dialogues. The album is a tapestry of rich colours, driving rhythms, haunting tunes and imaginative improvisations, using various techniques such as soulful bow playing, harmonics on the Oud, micro tone and slides  all produced by two instruments.

Daphna Sadeh  world class double bassist and composer. She was born in Israel and had her musical education in New York. Since then she moved to the UK . Daphna has released 4 CD’s on major UK and US labels. She has received commissions grants to compose Jazz, World music and crossover genres music. Daphna has performed internationally in Europe the far East and USA.

Knud Stüwe is a much in demand oud player, guitarist and composer. He was born in Germany and moved to the UK for his musical studies and is based in Bristol now. Knud has written music for theatre, film and animation as well as concert music including an oratorio and a song cycle telling stories of displaced people.

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