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Ian tells his bread and water story with Water Aid and Hot Numbers Coffee!

Written by Admin99, published 04-18-23

🙂🍞 This is Ian.
Ian tells his bread and water story with Water Aid and Hot Numbers Coffee!

He started a Bread and Water club in his village which is helping raise money for access to clean water around the world and we wanted to share some of his words to spread the word about his good work!
“In the small village that I live every two weeks I bake hot, fresh, healthy seeded brown bread for members of the ‘Bread and Water’ club. All the profits go to WaterAid for fresh water and sanitation projects around the world. In the four years the project has been running over £2000 has been raised.
A year ago I was privileged to be able to start volunteering in the bakery at the Hot Numbers Roastery and Bakery in Shepreth, Cambs. I work a morning shift once a month. On hearing about the Bread and Water Club, the founder of Hot Numbers, Simon Fraser, made a generous offer to sponsor WaterAid. Each month, twelve sourdough loaves are donated to the Bread and Water Club to sell in the village.

All profits from these sales combine with the Club’s profits for WaterAid. Currently over 300 sourdough loaves per year are sold in the village.
These sales realise over £1000 per year in generous sponsorship from Hot Numbers; a successful sourdough bakery is making a difference for those who have no clean water in the world. I know of no other bakery that works in this way. Thank you Hot Numbers.”
We thank you also, Ian, for bringing this to our attention and coming up with a way to make a difference to others!
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