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You may not know but we have now officially signed on the dotted line to become partners with The Kandula Tea Company.

The Kandula Tea Co. is a truly one of a kind business. Founded in 2011 the company was built on strong Ceylon heritage. Creating innovative and rare tea blends has gained the company clout in the Tea business as well as developing some perfect classic brews for everyday drinking.

We’re really excited to be continuing the legacy of Kandula here, we hope to push the business forward by looking for sustainable and planet friendly solutions to your morning brew (loads of exciting stuff happening here, so watch this space).

Looking for Wholesale Kandula?

Contact us to receive your wholesale login details.

In order to purchase wholesale tea products through the Hot Numbers website you need to be registered as a wholesale customer.

Chances are, if you had a wholesale tea account before, you would have already been setup on our system. However if you have not received your login details yet, just get in touch using the contact form below, or emailing roastery@hotnumberscoffee.co.uk and we can provide you with your new ones.

Thanks again for your patience.

The Hot Numbers Team

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