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New Roaster Inbound!

Written by Admin99, published 06-06-23

Bidding farewell to a trusty companion, welcoming in a new era!

To all you Hot Numbers Coffee customers and speciality coffee enthusiasts over the years, we have exciting news to share: We are bidding farewell as we celebrate the last roasts from our trusty companion, the Giesen W15 coffee roaster, in anticipation for an exciting journey ahead with its bigger brother/sister/team member, pictured (we can’t decide the name yet – naming help needed, comments below please!).

The W15 has been an integral part of our coffee story, faithfully roasting batch after batch of ethically sourced green coffee beans to Hot Numbers perfection in its first home, Stapleford, and then over to its current home in the Shepreth Roastery. Its loyal service has crafted countless moments of cup-based joy for our lovely customers, so it’s with a tinge of nostalgia that we say goodbye and express our gratitude for the memories it has helped create.

But fear not, a new era is upon us… We’re thrilled to announce the newest member of the Hot Numbers family, the Giesen W30 (pictured here on the left). This remarkable roaster will bring with it a world of possibilities and excitement. With double the capacity and enhanced precision, this new addition will allow us to create even more extraordinary specialty coffees for you to enjoy!


Here’s to the memories shared with our trusty W15 and the excitement that lies ahead with the incredible W30.

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