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Nobody likes change?

Written by Admin99, published 11-19-13


Whether it’s because of the nervous energy gained from the pursuit of the perfect espresso shot, or an overwhelming desire to experiment, you could never accuse us at Hot Numbers of staying the same. If you’re a regular take-away customer used to the lids and stirrers being in one place one morning, only to find them on the opposite side of the café the next, you’ll be well aware that we’re always trying new things.

In fact there’s been so many little improvements over the past year, bit by bit, that a quick stock-take is in order.  (And what better way of starting a blog than a short jog along memory lane?)

Remember when we were half the size? Literally.  


Before the chap with the pneumatic chisel was called in.  

And our neighbour Chris provided another setting with Williams Art Gallery. (We did ask first.)

It was a necessary measure to accommodate all you lovely people. We got really busy, despite some really bad reviews on Trip Advisor (some with amusing puns) 

And judging by the ferocity of some reviews you could almost believe waiting more than 6 minutes for a coffee is the only real cause for concern, in a world dominated by religious wars, collapsing bee colonies and dwindling energy resources. However the obnoxiously narrow-sighted critic will always be a source of guilty entertainment, like the futile hysteria of a cat caught in a paper bag it was far too curious about. Maybe that’s just me. 

 Anyway, asides from taking criticism gracefully on the chin and knocking holes in walls we’ve also been updating some of the smaller details, our coffee menu board has changed twice:

Why? Well, ‘Cappucino’ and ‘Americano’ are unnecessarily vague, nostalgic terms. We thought ratio of espresso to milk would be simpler. Purer. 

Thankfully though the board still provides confusion- enough to start some sort of discussion about coffee. Which if you hadn’t noticed is sort of our pre-occupation, (I’ll be writing something about our menu board and approach to coffee in the coming weeks.)

Then with the re-designing of the menu board we sharpened up the website. polishing it up to a more contemporary standard. After that the coffee bags; matte black with an updated label, (these are the details we get a little too excited about.)  

And we can now send these new bags straight to your door with the new online retail and subscription service (go take a look at our shop here.)

“We already knew your names before Starbucks started writing them on cups…”

We may not be the quiet, local secret we used to be, but we’re not Costa; we’re too busy tinkering with our filter brews and deciding which bean to roast next to worry about loyalty cards.  And we already knew your names before Starbucks started writing them on cups, because you keep coming back (thankfully!) I don’t think we’re better than them. Despite the mildly arrogant tone. Never mind your ideals and views towards capitalism, the chains are marvellously consistent, brutally efficient and profitable businesses, perhaps because people like to know what they’re getting when they part with their cash.  We just try to offer something different, our coffee. Which, like everything in the shop, will keep changing as we learn new things and taste better drinks. 

The blog has started so expect weekly updates, hopefully more instructive and entertaining. At the very least we’d like to keep you informed of what’s going on. 

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