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On the hoppers this week (24th April 2023)

Written by Admin99, published 04-24-23

On the hoppers this week (24th April 2023).

Coffee is grown all over the world in a multitude of ways and roasted by us in small batches, so why would it taste the same? It doesn’t. Join us on this week’s flavour journey or head to the coffee pages of our website to see exactly where your coffee comes from and why we treat it with such care:

This week on the hoppers:

Espresso based drinks – add your desired quantity of milk 3, 6, 9, or 12oz.
1. Body & Soul (Brazil & Colombia). Classic, chocolate.
2. Filadelfia (Guatemala). Fruity, nutty.

Filter coffees –
@ The Roastery:
1, Efrain (Peru) Rose, marmalade OR 2. El Zapote (El Salvador) Tangerine, lychee
@ Gwydir St and Trumpington St
1. Efrain (Peru) Rose, marmalade OR 2. Genji Challa (Ethiopia) Grapefruit

Batch brews –
Kabira (Ethiopia) Brown sugar, pear and almond.

Come in and let us know what you think! Have a great start to your week and hope to see you at some point ☕👍.

Photo: Batch brew and croissant @ The Roastery in the morning sunshine last week.

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