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Poetry from Ed, our good friend at Hot Numbers Coffee

Written by Admin99, published 07-21-22

This is Ed (pictured).

He is definitely a Hot Numbers best buddy and has been visiting since we opened our doors in Gwydir St all those years ago as we brought speciality coffee to Mill Road.

He has supported us in so many ways and his passion for life and commitment to making the world around him more positive is infectious!

Recently, Ed penned us a couple of poems in a reflection of Hot Numbers through the years and sent them through.

We will put them up on the wall and enjoy reading them again and again. They’re also included below for you all to read online too!

Thank you for being you, Ed!

   “HN (GWYDIR)”


The first in the ‘Family’

Now one of three,

Developing nicely

In City and country.


Great coffee and smiling Baristas

Have helped see it through,

More than a decade has gone

Even though many faces have moved on.


Covid was outfought,

HN’s never fraught,

Closure treated with respect,

Restrictions considered a little circumspect.


Live Jazz is back

As though never away,

Rich notes and chords,

To help forget the day.


People all round approve,

This well-run business uplifts and does good,

Now considered ‘well in the groove’,

A ‘jewel’ in the neighbourhood.


                                                  Ed Jenkins







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Classy  Cool  Comfortable  ~

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