As our reputation for brunch grew, we found ourselves getting through more and more bread. We needed Focaccia and Sourdough seven days a week and knew we wouldn’t keep up baking from the micro Bakery we’d established at Gwydir St. So, we decided to invest in the kind of equipment a Parisian Boulanger would be proud of, to hire a baker, and buy an alarm clock. We’re very proud indeed of the bread we’ve created, but why just take our word for it?!

All our Bread is available to deliver to your door, unfortunately we can only service our catchment area at this time but we are working on it!

We need 72hrs from when you place your order to prepare our lovely bread fresh for you, we delivery bread on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday; so do bear this in mind.

Please refer to the catchment area image when placing your order for Bread delivery. If you place your order and live out of the catchment, we will refund your order for bread in full.

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