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Did you know the Aeropress was invented by the designer of the Aerobee. Alan Adler turned his hand from fantastic flying rings to coffee brewing and his idea took off!

The Aeropress is now a firm favourite in the coffee world. Alongside the V60 dripper this is a best seller in our cafes, they even hold the Aeropress championships annually to showcase this wonderfully versatile invention.

At Hot Numbers we like to use the inverted method. Lower the plunger to the desired cup size, turn upside down. Pour hot filtered water over your fresh coffee grinds, stir and screw on the cap containing your paper filter. After 2-3 minutes invert and plunge your coffee directly into a stainless jug or cup to serve.

To clean simply unscrew the cap, plunge the coffee grounds straight into the compost and rinse the plunger under the tap, job done. The Aeropress contains a brewer, a stirrer and  a pack of filter papers

A no nonsense approach to great coffee at home and a compact travel companion away from home.