Assam Loose Leaf Tea Kandula


Product Bulk Tea Catering Packs (1Kg) | Nakeds (50qty)


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Additional Information

Bulk Tea Catering Packs (1Kg):

A large wholesale catering pack of tea.

Tea Refill | Naked Range without wrappers! (50 qty):

Wholesale package of 50 Tea bags without plastic wrapper – ideally suited to busy coffee shop and cafe environments with high turnover. To be used as refill for catering display tins.

Introduced to satisfy recent customer requests to speed service and reduce environmental waste Our recent naked range eliminates the individual wrappers on each tea bag.

Tea Refill | Wrapped Sachets (50 qty):

Wholesale package of 50 Tea bags with plastic wrapper for long term freshness – ideally suited to hotel/buffet and self service applications. Avoids handling and contamination to ensure highest quality is retained.