Brazil – Mio S01

Brazil – Mio S01

We welcomed Ana from Mio Fazenda to our roastery back in July, and we knew immediatly this was a relationship we wanted to start. Ana's parents own Mio Fazenda and they are doing incredible things with coffee, and we are very excited to be apart of this. The Mio SO1, utilises the wasted unripe cherries from harvest and turns them into a high quality, great tasting coffee.

Tasting Notes Jasmin | Caramel | Sweet
Region Monte Santo de Minas ,Minas Gerais
Producer Mio Fazenda
Altitude 900 - 1100masl
Variety Yellow & Red Catucaí, Mundo Novo & Yellow Bourbon.
Process Unripe Cherries - Maceration tanks


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Additional Information

Back in July Ana from Mio Fazenda in Brazil visited our roastery and brought some coffee with her, We instantly knew we needed to work with her. Ana’s parents own and operate Mio Fazenda so she is a beacon of knowledge when it comes to all things coffee. This coffee stood out for us as it utilises waste cherries that are not usable after harvest.

Typically during harvest in Brazil, Machine pickers are used which means all cherries get picked, good and bad. This meant there was a lot of waste, so working with the Federal institute of Espírito Santo they developed this method.

The Federal Institute of Espírito Santo developed this method through scientific studies. In it, unripe cherries undergo an enzymatic fermentation process. When left in water, microorgan- isms from within the coffee act by breaking molecules such as chlorogenic acids – compounds that can cause high astringency in the cup. The result is a smoother, sweeter cup, saving a product that would be sold cheaply and transforming it into a complex and unique specialty coffee

Procesing ;

  1. Harvest – A mixture of hand picked and machine harvest. May 13th – July 5th.
  2. Wet Mill – Washing.
  3. Fermentation – Maceration tanks for 7 days.
  4. Drying – Concrete patio for 8 days.
  5. Resting – wood silo’s for 90 days.
  6. Dry mill @ Farm – cross beater hullers, oscillating screen grader
  7. Dry Mill @ Warehouse – Density seperation, optical electronic sorting.