Brazil – Rancho Grande

Brazil – Rancho Grande

Farm - Rancho Grande Farmer - Jose Carlos Reis Altitude - 970 masl Process - Natural Tasting Notes - milk chocolate, walnut finish, syrupy body  

Region Sul De Minas
Producer The Garcia Family (Alexandre Garcia Capelo, Antonio Wander Garcia, Andre Luiz Alvarenga Garcia)
Elevation 850-1150 Masl
Process Natural
Variety Acacia


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Additional Information

Coffee Production began at the Rancho Grande farm in 1933 Mr Aneite Reis and is today run by his son Jose Carlos Reis and his son Flavio Reis.

The coffee at Rancho Grande is mechanically harvested and seperated by density (which indicates ripeness). These cherries are then placed in static drying boxes (named due to the method not involving turning or rotating the cherries, which normally happens in other drying methods). These have a vented grill in the bottom to allow air flow. Cold air is blown into the boxes for the first 12 hours to slow down the fermentation process and then gradually, the temperature is increased to allow drying for 7-10 days. The coffee is left to rest for 1-2 weeks before being milled and shipped.

Tasting Notes – a syrupy, smooth body, milk chocolate sweetness and a walnut finish.