Burni Telong – Sumatra

Burni Telong

Burni Telong – Sumatra

Tasting Notes: Treacle, Raisins, Full Bodied PROCESS Washed VARIETY Tim Tim and Caturra LOCATION Karang REjo, Panji Mulia, Babbusalam Redelong, Sumatra OWNER Various from Burni Telong ALTITUDE 1300-1600 masl

Weight 250g | 500g | 1kg | 2.5kg
Region Karang Rejo
Producer Mahdi
Elevation 1300-1600 masl
Process Giling Basah (Wet Hulled)
Variety Tim Tim, Caturra


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Additional Information

Grown in the shadow of Burni Telong or ‘Fire Volcano’ this coffee is collection of beans from 60 small farms in the area. The farmers will deliver their coffee to a small number of local processors who will de-pulp and dry the coffee before fermentation. The whole process, unlike much of the coffee produced in Sumatra, is completed in the local area.

Tasting Notes: Treacle, Raisins, Full Bodied