Burundi – Mutambu Hills

Burundi – Mutambu Hills

A beautiful example of a Washed Red Bourbon from Burundi. Sourced by our friends at Omwani. This Coffee is everything we love about coffee from Burundi, clean, sweet and balanced with good acidity. We are tasting Black tea & Grapefruit with a clean sparkling finish.

Tasting Notes Black Tea | Grapefruit | Clean
Process Washed
Region Bujumbura
Producer Migoti Coffee Company
Altitude 1700 - 1900 masl
Variety Red Bourbon
Exporter Omwani


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Additional Information

A Delicious fully washed lot from Burundi. This lot was harvested between April & July of 2023 and fully washed before being dried on raised African beds for 28 days.

Omwani source this coffee from Burundi-based Migoti Coffee company, who have processing stations, sourcing the best coffee from all across Burundi. Omwani have worked with them to source cherries from across the mountains over-looking Lake Tanganyika.

Migoti’s name comes from an indigenous tree, which is also the name of the mountain where they built there first washing station. This washing station operates in a region referred to as Migoti Mountain, in Mutambu Commune of Bujumbura Province, 30 km from the centre of Bujumbura. Coffee farming and production began in Burundi in the early 1900s under Belgian colonial rule, where farmers were forced to grow coffee, the produce was bought and processed by the state and coffee was exported primarily to Europe.

Burundi is among the smallest coffee-producing countries in East Africa, with a population of 10.5 million that is endowed with ideal conditions for coffee production: elevations of 1500 – 2000 m, Arabica Bourbon coffee trees, abundant rainfall, and approximately 800,000 families who cultivate an average of 150-200 coffee trees per farm. Arabica coffee now represents virtually 100% of Burundi’s national production and the bourbon variety grown at high elevations.