The Coffee Club

Welcome to the Hot Numbers coffee club!

We are excited to introduce you to fresh, ethically sourced coffee roasted with love in small batches at our roastery.

Coffee is seasonal and we are privileged to work directly with a handful of farmers and importers, with high ethical standards at their heart, to bring a menu of no less than six diverse coffees for you to taste from around the world.

We deliver weekly or monthly with free delivery on every order.

It is our job as coffee roasters to bring out the best in every cup of coffee you drink and celebrate the flavours of the world with you. That is what gets us up and out of bed bright and early each and every day.




for all our subscribers

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Please select your subscription options:

1. Subscription Type
2. Duration
3. Bag Size

250g — Approximately 15 cups.

500g — Approximately 30 cups.

1kg — Approximately 60 cups.

3kg — Approximately 180 cups.

4. Flavour

Choose from a classic or fruity flavour profile or, if you cannot decide, then select “roasters choice” and leave it up to us! We will carefully select a roast and take you through an exciting and varied journey of coffee flavours during your subscription with us.

5. Grind

Whole Bean — Beans ready to be ground per cup by you. A grinder is always our recommendation to get the best from each cup. If you haven’t already got a grinder, get one! It is a superb investment to improve your coffee ritual and you will thank us for it!

French Press/Cafetiere — Our coarsest grind for a full immersion brew method where the coffee is in solution with the water for the longest time. Probably the most common home brew method we encounter. Simple yet effective.

Filter — Medium grind akin to coarse sand, suitable for paper filter pour over methods where water passes through the coffee bed for between 3-5 minutes.

Aeropress — A clever brew method invented by Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie. This grind resembles fine sand, ground between filter and Moka Pot settings. This popular brew method gets closer to the espresso experience by allowing extraction from a finer grind using a hand pumped ‘coffee syringe’.

Moka Pot — A grind between filter and espresso size and suitable for stove top Moka Pot machines. A fine grind is required to extract coffee oils under the flow of hot water for a more intense coffee compared to filter methods.

Espresso — Fine ground coffee suitable for pump driven coffee machines operating under 9 bar of pump pressure. The coffee needs to be fine in order to extract oils quickly from a large surface area under great pressure. One of the most demanding and intense brew methods but worth the perseverance!

Turkish — Our finest coffee grind where the grinds are left in solution, unfiltered before sinking to the bottom of the cup. An intense and unique coffee ritual from Turkey.