Colombia – El Diviso

El Diviso coffee from Colombia

Colombia – El Diviso

A Fruit bomb from the Tolima region in central Colombia, which is the third biggest coffee producing region in Colombia producing 12% of the country's annual production. Jaminton's coffees are known for their exotic fruity flavours, which gave him a cup of excellence back in October of 2020. We absolutely love this coffee through a pour over, it produces a lovely clean cup with some complex flavour notes.

Tasting Notes Blackcurrant | Fruit Pastels | Honeydew Melon
Region El Brasil, Tolima
Producer Jaminton Molano Arias
Altitude 1600 - 1750 mals
Variety Caturra | Typica | Colombia F8 | Tabi
Process Natural


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Additional Information

Tolima is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the Andean region, in the center-west of the country. It’s topography is quite uneven. The eastern and central cordilleras (mountain ranges) cross the department, giving way to low regions such as the valley of upper Magdalena River, regions with an average altitude (where most of the people live), and regions with very high elevations like the impressive Nevadodel Tolima and the Nevado del Ruiz (Snow-covered mountains).
Such a variety of climates led to remarkable agricultural development. Tolima is the number-one rice and sesame producer in the country. Coffee plantations also abound.