El Salvador – San Carlos

El Salvador

El Salvador – San Carlos

  Tasting Notes: Smooth, Chocolate, Hazelnut PROCESS: Natural VARIETY: Bourbon LOCATION: Cacahuatique Mountain FARM: San Carlos Dos ALTITUDE 1100-1665 masl

Weight 250g | 500g | 1kg | 2.5kg
Region Cacahuatique Moutain
Producer San Carlos Dos
Elevation 1100-1665 masl
Process Natural
Variety Bourbon


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Additional Information

Our newest offering from El Salvador is a Natural Processed lot from the San Carlos Dos farm.

The farm has 126 Associate members with their families all living on the land together working on the farm as a group with the land split into 25 separate lots. Originally, they just grew pacas and bourbon and have recently added a small amount of Pacamara in the higher lots of the farm. The wet mill and patios for the processing the coffee is situated at 1400masl up the mountain providing a perfect location for drying the coffees as it is situated facing north/north east which is the direction of the prevailing winds which helps to maintain stable temperatures for drying coffees.