Espresso & Latte Art

Espresso & Latte Art

Our Coffee training is perfect for the absolute beginner or professional alike. Learning and working with top graded speciality coffee and highly skilled Baristas and Trainers, offers an interesting and eye opening insight into the world of Hot Numbers Coffee.


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Elevate your coffee game with our exclusive training course designed to unleash the full potential of your espresso and milk skills.

The first segment of the training course will focus on Espresso. This will include a thorough explanation of extraction and flavours. A big focus will be on how different extraction times and dosage can affect the flavours found within our espresso from exactly the same roast batch. During this, we will taste multiple espresso using different extraction times and then break down the espresso to focus on the building blocks that make up coffee.

The second segment will move into teaching milk stretching basics, focusing on correct temperature and texture. Then, when the milk is mastered, we can look at latte art and controlling the speed of your pour with different designs.

By the end of our training session you should understand the following;

  • Espresso Extraction
  • Taste the difference between under and over extracted espresso
  • Steam milk to a consistent high level
  • Pour latte art independently
  • Maintain a clean espresso machine

This course will be held at our Roastery in Shepreth.