Ethiopia Beshasha Lot 1 – Organic

Ethiopia Beshasha Lot 1 – Organic

Coming from a small 18-hectare farm located in western Ethiopia. This coffee is half washed and half natural so is closer to a light honey. Falcon coffees are currently working with small suppliers in the area to grow direct trade to produce better coffee and pricing. This coffee makes up half our Breakfast wine blend and makes a deliciously sweet espresso or a great filter coffee.  

Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate | Lime | Creamy body
Region Djimma, Western Ethiopia
Producer Mustafa Abba Keno
Elevation 2000-2100 masl
Process Washed
Variety 74110, 74112 & Heirloom


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Additional Information

Beshahsa, named after the small wet mill farmer and exporter Mustefa Abakeno has set up, is a washed processed coffee from near Agaro in the Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia. Mustafa is a smallholder with 18 hectares of land. He only registered as an export in 2018 to sell his coffee directly to buyers, taking advantage of changes in the rules.

He used a small disc pulper to wash process half of his coffee and the other half is natural processed. After pulping the cherries he short ferments them for 8 hours before moving to drying beds for 13-16 days, giving more of a light honey process to the coffee.


Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Lime, Creamy Body