Ethiopia – Egata Beshu

Ethiopia – Egata Beshu

A new washed Ethiopian from our friends at Falcon Coffee. This comes from Bona Zuria washing station ran by Egata Beshu in southern Ethiopia. This is a really full bodied flavourful Ethiopian with very clean notes of Citrus and floral flavours. This coffee will make the most full bodied and flavourful pour over, but we would recommend leaving it to rest for a week from roast date before brewing.  

Tasting Notes Lime | Bergamot | Peanut
Region Bona Zuria Village, Bensa, Sidama Region
Producer Egata Beshu
Elevation 1920-2330 masl
Process Washed
Variety Heirloom


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Additional Information

Egata Beshu gets its name from the farmer who produces this lot at his washing station in Bona Zuria, in the Sidama Zone of southern Ethiopia. 391 farmers contribute to the lot, with the average farm being 2-5ha and situated at 1920-2330masl. The soil in the region is red loamy clay, and the coffee is often interplanted and shaded by other crops such as false banana, maize, sugar cane, fruits and spices.

Between December and February which is after harvest, the cherries get delivered to the washing station. They are then floated to remove dirt and any unripe cherries. They then go through a de-pulping and sorting machine, before being transferred into fermentation tanks for up to 72 hours to remove the mucilage. The coffee is then washed by hand before being spread on African raised beds to dry. It is rotated regularly to ensure it dries evenly. When it reaches the desired moisture level, it is bagged and stored.

The lot’s exporter, Daye Bensa, runs an out-growers program that benefits farmers with an off-season payment on top of the harvest fee. They have also been working on improving the farmers’ living situations and standards. This includes health, electricity, education and road projects to date. The out-growers program is resulting in better yields and higher-quality coffees