Ethiopia – Rocko Mountain: Tariku Lot #1

Ethiopia – Rocko Mountain: Tariku Lot #1

We're happy to be roasting up another Beautiful coffee from the Rocko Mountain Collection! This Ethiopian natural from the Yirgacheffe region produces a lively cup with mellow acidity and a long sweet finish. we love it as a pour over, but also makes up 50% of our Breakfast Wine blend so a true all rounder.  

Tasting Notes Mixed Red Berries | Blood Orange | Vanilla
Region Gedeb Village, Gedeo Zone
Producer Tariku Mengesha
Elevation 2000-2100 masl
Process Natural
Variety Mixed Heirloom Varietals


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Additional Information

Rocko Mountain this year comes from our friends at Falcon specialty, with the help of their team in Addis. They have been sourcing this coffee that truly represent the area and the old school traditional flavour that comes out of Yirgacheffe.

Tariku Mengesha is the sole owner and producer of this coffee. His farm is located throughout the Banko Chelchele kebele (neighbourhood) of Gedeb woreda. This area is south of Yirgacheffe and just west of the bulgy border with the vast Oromia region.

Tariku applies the basic agronomic practice to keep the field free from any weeds. He also grows pulse crops in his coffee field so as to maintain the fertility of the soil.
This lot has been processed as a traditional Natural process, first by soaking the cherries to remove all immature, floaters, overripe and foreign matters and than drying on raised beds for 28 days.

This coffee is grown at 2000-2100 masl, this altitude causes a sweet fruity cup. The altitude mixed with the low temperatures causes the coffee to grow slower but have more time to develop. Another benefit of these high altitudes is that pests and diseases find it harder to thrive.

While coffee is Mengesha’s primary income, which he uses to support his family that includes 10 children, he also grows navy beans and false banana. These produce no edible fruit but whose root and heart can be harvested.