Finca El Oasis (Paez Microlot)

A well balanced creamy cup with notes of honey and almonds.

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We were really excited about this Coffee from Luz Mila and her family, having spoken to Luz over the phone since January, we have been kept well up to date on how her 2019 harvest is coming along. Back earlier in the year the region suffered from a powerful storm which badly damaged some of the farms drying beds effecting the crop that was in process. We had the fortune to speak to Luz at that period and her and Johns positivity regarding the harvest to come was unshakeable. We hear that the beds where quickly repaired and are being used for the drying of El Oasis current harvest.

We’ve chosen a few coffees from the region this year having found amazing complexity in the cup. With notes of Red and Yellow Fruit these single origins are Honey sweet and fantastically balanced.

The Hamlets of San Pedro and La Bella still falls well within the troubled red zone of Colombia, but the visits from the Green Collection have been worthwhile. They meet and work with these wonderful people directly. Experiencing at first hand their lifestyle and their passion and pride for producing some of Colombia´s finest single origin coffees.

San Pedro and La Bella, host over 1500 small farms, all above an altitude from 1700 to over 2200 meters and ranging from 1 to 6 hectares. The coffees grown are Heirloom Typica, Bourbon and Caturra; some plants are over 80 years old, fully organic, sustainable and environmentally protected, the area as recently being certified Organic by Mayacert and USDA.

At this altitude the terra is enriched with volcanic soils and numerous fresh mountains streams. The coffees are rich in flavour, notes of red fruits, herbs, citric and lemon, deep chocolate and panela, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced, with excellent acidity. Coffees are all grown in an artisanal way, correlating to the farm and the specific crop. They are fully washed and fermented up to 36 hours, sun dried. The Páez Season coffees all cup at 85 plus.

We are incredibly lucky and proud to be working with John from the Green Collection (who sources our lovely Coffee!) and the Asociacion ASCISP; we know this coffee is ensuring social and economic development, giving back and establishing a future for all concerned.


El Jordan, Tolima, Columbia


Luz Mila Gonzales


1735-1760 MASL




Caturra, Typica, Castillo


Whole Bean, French Press, Filter, Moka Pot, Espresso