Hario V60 Dripper 02

Hario V60 Dripper 02


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If we were asked what is the most affordable no nonsense way to brew the best tasting coffee coffee at home I would say without any reservation, buy a V60 dripper, a packet of filter papers, fresh coffee and a hand grinder if the budget allows. Filtered water from a controlled pouring kettle is preferable and a little set of digital kitchen scales to weigh your coffee dose.

The moulded ribs on the inside of the V60 dripper design allow coffee oils to flow freely from both the sides and the bottom of the filter paper resulting in an even extraction. Wet the grinds, stir immediatly then pour little and often over the grinds keeping the water level low at all times.

Our best seller at Hot Numbers and for good reason. These Hario drippers fly off the shelf and cannot be recommended highly enough! Used daily throughout our cafes under our Marco SP9 brewers, these Hario drippers are made of tough plastic which will not break when dropped. They are also dishwasher safe but most importantly they are Hot Numbers Red! Get brewing.