Lemon Ginger Tea – Retail

Lemon Ginger Tea – Retail

Our zesty citrous infusion is a blend of lemongrass and orange peel with a lovely burst of ginger.

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The whole spices, fruits and herbs are selected, graded and packed by our tea blender in Sri Lanka. The warming blend is naturally caffeine free so our Lemon Ginger infusion is perfect at any time of the day or night. The nutrients in our Lemon Ginger infusion make it beneficial for your digestive system and it is also a delicious and natural soother for coughs and colds.


Retail Tea Gems:

30 wrapped Tea gem sachets in a retail box. Our pyramid shaped tea bags allow our whole leaf tea to fully unfurl and release the flavours and colours of each of our very special teas.

Our Tea Gems give our tea leaves the room they need to fully unfurl while infusing – so much so the unfurled leaf tea very nearly fills the pyramid shaped tea bag. We never fail to be amazed by how much the tea leaves open up – every time we make a cup of tea!

Tea Pyramids (100 qty):

Wholesale package of 100 Tea bags without plastic wrapper – ideally suited to busy coffee shop and cafe environments with high turnover. To be used as refill for catering display tins.


All of our teas are sourced from Sri Lanka, known as the‘Island of Jewels’ because of the rich deposits of precious stones found in its soil. Instead of the standard tea bag, our tea bags are pyramid shaped (like a gemstone) to allow the whole leaves within to circulate, fully unfurl and infuse – thereby fully releasing the fine tastes and beautiful colours of our luxury teas.