Nuevo Bilbao


A beautiful blend, farmed across four Fincas in Bilbao, Colombia.

Sweet Toffee Apples and Cinnamon.

A full and creamy body makes for a perfect complex espresso on a cold autumnal morning.



Introducing another gorgeous Colombian Coffee from our partners in Tolima !

Tolima is one of the most isolated coffee producing regions of Colombia located in the Central Colombia Andes mountains of Tolima nestling between the vast Parques Nacionales Natural Nevado and the Parque Nacional Natural Cordillera De Los Pichachos Mountain ranges. With very limited access, other than through the town of Coyaima, Tolima and road conditions permitting, it is a 12-hour road trip from Ibague.

The area falls in the middle of the conflict zone for many years controlled by the FARC; a forgotten region left to the discretion of the people to basically fend for themselves, having to comply with the rules or law’s set by the FARC, restricted to selling their crops to either the FNC or local trilladora’s and receiving at best only commercial prices.

The Nuevo Bilbao comes to you through the Association AGPROCEM, who have worked in the region for many years, and who work based on the ethos of Transparency, Traceability and Social development.

The farms are located at altitudes from 1600 to 2000 where the real high-quality Specialties are found and are all grown the artisanal way, fully washed and fermented up to 36 hours, sun dried.

We are really excited about this coffee, a perfectly balanced blend found across 4 Fincas; we hope this is the beginning of a long lasting relationship between us and this region.

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Bilbao, Tolima, Colombia


AGRPOCEM and the Bilbao Association


1600-2000 MASL




Caturra, Typica, Colombia


Whole Bean, French Press, Filter, Moka Pot, Espresso