Peppermint Leaf Tea – Retail

Peppermint Leaf Tea – Retail

Our fresh infusion of pure peppermint leaf has a rounded and refreshing mint taste.

Product Loose Leaf Retail Tins (75g) | Loose Leaf Tea Pouches (100g) | Tea Gems 15qty | Nakeds (50qty)


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The high quality leaves are selected, graded and packed by our ea blender in Sri Lanka. The therapeutic and medicinal qualities of the peppermint will help revive and settle your digestive system. It is naturally caffeine free so our Mint Tea is perfect after any meal, especially late night suppers.

Tea Refill | Naked Range without wrappers! (50 qty):

Wholesale package of 50 Tea bags without plastic wrapper – ideally suited to busy coffee shop and cafe environments with high turnover. To be used as refill for catering display tins.


All of our teas are sourced from Sri Lanka, known as the‘Island of Jewels’ because of the rich deposits of precious stones found in its soil. Instead of the standard tea bag, our tea bags are pyramid shaped (like a gemstone) to allow the whole leaves within to circulate, fully unfurl and infuse – thereby fully releasing the fine tastes and beautiful colours of our luxury teas.