Rwanda – Buliza

Rwanda – Buliza

Our newest seasonal coffee here at Hot Numbers and one which we are really excited to bring to you. This Rwandan has notes of bright red currants, a creamy body, dark cocoa & gentle acidity. Grab a bag while you can and let us know what you think!

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VARIETY Red Bourbon

LOCATION Buliza, Northern Rwanda


ALTITUDE 1900-2050 masl



The region of Rulindo has quite a unique mixture of micro-climates. The whole region is still producing coffee into mid November, while the rest of the country finishes production by August. In this region of Rulindo sits Buliza. At relatively high altitudes, it receives warm average day temperatures (27 C – 29 C) and low average evening temperatures (14 C – 16 C). It is these conditions that help slow the development of sugars in coffee cherries during crucial growing stages. Grown by small holder farms the farmers began planting coffee seedlings with the first crop produced in 2016. The coffees hold a creamy body, good acidity and sweet strawberry flavours. After each harvest these hard-working farmers go straight back to their fields, each the size of a rugby pitch and on a 38-degree slope to mulch, fertilise and prepare the land for the next year’s harvest. The sheer level of hard work and commitment involved in growing coffee cannot be underestimated, and it is this hard labour that has resulted in the community being able to build a school and a health centre that will benefit the entire community. To produce the premium quality coffee climate, adaptive satellite technology is used. This technology provides farmers with accurate weekly weather forecasts and early warnings for pests and diseases. Farmers can anticipate threats to their crops and conduct sanitary harvests by removing dead or early ripening cherries that would attract pests and diseases. This technology informs 25 – 30 growing decisions every year that
indicate when to apply fertiliser, the best time to spread mulch that will protect the moisture in the soil during high day temperatures and when to prepare erosion channels to protect the top layers of soil during periods of heavy rain fall.

Farmers are regularly in touch with experts and are offered ongoing training that has resulted in farmers not only increasing crop yield, but also improving the quality of the coffee they produce, which ensures they get a better price for their beans.