Rwanda – Bwenda 441

Rwanda – Bwenda 441

A Brand new coffee from Rwanda, this coffee has hints off smooth sweetness with a citrusy zing. We really loved this coffee during our cupping for its brightness and clarity in flavour. This coffee was processed in the Bwenda wet mill, which was built to help isolated farmers process their coffee to make a more high quality cup. Perfect for a pour over but will also make a sweet espresso perfect for milk pairing.

Tasting Notes Toffee Apple | Glace Cherry | Sweet
Region Nyamagabe District, Southern Province
Producer Bernard Uwitije
Altitude 1700 masl
Variety Red Bourbon
Process Natural


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Additional Information

Bernard Uwitije is the owner of Bwenda. Coming from a region where coffee is the dominant crop, he began trading in ordinary home processed coffee before realising the value of of a fully processed crop. In 2016 he built a wet mill to set up a sustainable business. He used his first year learning how to operate a wet mill successfully before building a second mill the next season, where he mastered processing large volumes without compromising quality.

Bwenda is his third wet mill, built in 2018 after realising a group of farmers who were a bit isolated had no access to a nearby washing station to process their cherries into high quality coffees. 2019 was the first operating season for Bwenda where they only processed one container of cherries. Bernard is already developing various programs to help farmers delivering to Bwenda with extension services and he is expanding the capacity of the mill.