The Thumper Decaf – Peru Femenino

The Thumper Decaf – Peru Femenino

We sell a surprising amount of decaf coffee at Hot Numbers. The reason for this is that it is good! The decaffeination process removes caffeine from the green bean before roast. At Hot Numbers we only source high quality decaffeinated coffees that use natural methods to extract the caffeine, such as Swiss water, CO2 processes and Sugar Cane Process, much more appealing we think than the alternative chemical processes are often used. Rest assured that at Hot Numbers we always take decaf seriously. We always invest in high quality green stock sourced from our trusted suppliers and farms and roast with the same level of detail we apply to all our other coffees. This is the reason that again and again our decaffeinated coffee doesn’t hang around long and is as popular as any other coffee, just without the caffeine buzz. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes Almond | Prune | Toffee
Process Washed | Swiss Water Decaffeination
Region Peru
Producer 800 Women in 6 Associations with Cecanor
Elevation 1000 - 2050 masl
Variety Typica, Catimore, Bourbon, Gran Colombia, Villa Sarchi
Importer DRWakefield


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Additional Information

While women have always been crucial to coffee production in Peru, men traditionally held the economic power. In 2004, 464 female coffee producers in Peru united to change this dynamic and take a step toward empowerment. They decided to separate their coffee production from men to gain visibility and a voice inside their community. Working in partnership with OPTCO, they developed a never-before-existing market for women-produced coffee to serve as an important vehicle for social change and the empowerment of poor, marginalized women coffee farmers. Since then, the Café Femenino movement now includes thousands of women farmers from nine countries across the world.

Café Femenino requires participating cooperatives to give their women farmers control of revenues, land ownership, and acknowledgement for their exceptional coffee. With economic control in their hands, the women farmers of Cecanor have used Café Femenino funds to invest in community betterment projects including children’s libraries, schools, health and nutritional education, and programs that build self-esteem, human rights awareness, and literacy.

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