The Thumper Decaf


Milk chocolate brownie, malt biscuit and raspberries.



We sell a surprising amount of decaf coffee at Hot Numbers because it is incredibly good!

The decaffeination process removes caffeine from the green bean before roast. At Hot Numbers, we only source high quality decaffeinated coffees that use natural methods to extract the caffeine, such as sparkling water and CO2 processes. We believe these are much more appealing than the alternative chemical processes used.

It is often indiscernible that you are drinking a decaffeinated coffee and at times our staff have genuinely preferred the decaf coffee to its caffeinated brothers and sisters!

Rest assured that at Hot Numbers we always take decaf seriously. We invest in high quality green stock, sourced from our trusted suppliers and farms and roast with the same level of detail we apply to all our other coffees. This is the reason that again and again our decaffeinated coffee doesn’t hang around long and is as popular as any other coffee, just without the caffeine buzz. Enjoy!



Weight N/A

Honduras- Corquin region
Ethiopia- Limu region


Gidey Berhe-Limu Kossa Agro Industry
Jesus Lemus Leon- Finca El Mandarino


1840-2130 masl
1350 masl






Whole Bean, French Press, Filter, Moka Pot, Espresso