A great introductory course to explore the diversity of flavours that coffee from across the world can exhibit. PICK YOUR DATE & TIME in the dropdown calendar provided and then select the amount of people who will be attending in the input box below (4 person maximum). All Bookings must be made 10 days in advance, and can be cancelled 4 days before the event.

Location Training sessions take place at our Roastery in Wrights Mower centre, Dunsbridge Turnpike, Royston SG8 6RB.


£55.00 per person

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Using the latest single origin coffee fresh from our roastery, this course will provide an introduction to the diversity of coffee and the unique flavours that can be achieved. By comparing single origin coffee side by side we’ll introduce you to the diverse flavour characteristics of coffee and the difference between roast profiles and regions of production. The session concludes by demonstrating how a variety of brew methods can draw out and enhance the coffee’s unique characteristics.

Coffee is an exciting seasonal product with naturally different taste characteristics as a result of the country of origin, farm, soil and altitude grown, seasonal harvest, washed/natural processing methods and roast. We will present 6 exciting coffees to drink and discuss together, using a taste wheel that will help guide your palette and inform opinion on what you are tasting. 

One-on-one tutoring

Personal tuition with our highly-skilled baristas.
Benefit from their experience as professional baristas and learn to get the best from your coffee.

Fun and informative

Coffee is a huge subject – we’ve been reading and experimenting for years and still aren’t bored with it! We keep our sessions fun so that they suit any level from absolute beginner to professional alike.

Available in large group format

Our tasting sessions are perfect for bigger groups and individuals alike, fill in the attendee number to let us know how many of you there will be and we can craft the class around you.

Training sessions take place at our Roastery in Wrights Mower Centre, Dunsbridge Turnpike, Royston SG8 6RB.