Creating cafe quality drinks at home can be difficult. The espresso extraction workshop will focus on how to get the best from your beans. Booking After booking your course, we will record your booking and send you an email to book a date and time for your training course.

Location Training sessions take place at our Roastery in Wrights Mower centre, Dunsbridge Turnpike, Royston SG8 6RB.


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We’ll cover bean origin and profile and the importance of this in crafting your own espresso shot recipe based on what you want from your coffee. Touching on how to work with your machine and best practice, we’ll focus on trouble shooting your technique so as to be making consistently lovely coffee.

Espresso is about extracting coffee oils fast under pressure. To get the best from this popular brew method requires knowledge and dedication. People often search for the holy grail of espresso known as the God-shot where the many variables that make espresso frustrating yet rewarding come into play. These involve the following elements which we will cover in detail with you to get the best from your setup. Espresso machine/Grinder set-up, fresh coffee, grind size, grind dose, tamping method/force, grind size, filtered water, pour, espresso extraction, taste and machine cleaning.  

One-on-one tutoring

Personal tuition with our highly-skilled baristas.
Benefit from their experience as professional baristas and learn to get the best from your coffee.

Fun and informative

Coffee is a huge subject – we’ve been reading and experimenting for years and still aren’t bored with it! Gifting a training session with one of our Gift Vouchers might just be the ideal present you never knew about.

Suits any level

from 1-hour sessions to all-day comprehensive courses, our training sessions will suit the absolute beginner and professional alike.