Our introduction to Roasting suits those who may want to delve deeper into their morning drink. PICK YOUR DATE & TIME in the dropdown calendar provided and then select the amount of people who will be attending in the input box below (Maximum 4 persons). All Bookings must be made 10 days in advance, and can be cancelled 4 days before the event.

Location Training sessions take place at our Roastery in Wrights Mower centre, Dunsbridge Turnpike, Royston SG8 6RB.


£55.00 per person

Additional Information

On this course we will use our Ikawa sample roaster to roast the same coffee to different levels so we can see the dramatic effect the roast plays in developing coffees unique character. We will also show you our Giesen roaster which might even be running on a production roast day! 

Coffee arrives at Hot Numbers in green bean form in 60kg sacks as a hard seed with a grassy smell, not really representative of coffee as we know it! We roast each batch in our 15kg Giesen traditional drum roaster, carefully controlling the gas flame over time until we find a receipe where the coffee tastes the best we feel it can be. We save this receipe as a profile so we replicate similar batches again and again for consistency. Each varietal of coffee may use a different profile to bring something different from the bean and this is where the skill lies between art and science. We may each consider a different roast level to be preferable from a medium to dark roast and that’s what leads to understanding and conversation which we always encourage.


One-on-one tutoring

Personal tuition with our highly-skilled baristas and roasters.
Benefit from their experience as professional baristas and learn to get the best from your coffee.

Fun and informative

Coffee is a huge subject – we’ve been reading and experimenting for years and still aren’t bored with it! Gifting a training session with one of our Gift Vouchers might just be the ideal present you never knew about.

Suits any level

From 1-hour sessions to all-day comprehensive courses, our training sessions will suit the absolute beginner and professional alike.