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From seed to harvest to processing, Coffea Arabica requires a lot of labour and hard-work on the farm to produce a crop with a high quality, distinct flavour. We try to respect this effort at the roastery, carefully controlling the many variables so we can share the coffee we’re excited to taste and talk about.  

The Roastery at Shepreth offers a window (quite literally) onto the roasting process from bean to cup. From the roastery cafe you can see the bakery which makes sourdough bread for the kitchen thus you can look on as your coffee and lunch take shape before your eyes!

The Science bit

We roast using a 15kg Giesen roaster which is linked to data logging software Cropster. This software gives us a lot of feedback, plotting charts for all the variables, such as drum temperature, airflow, flame temperature, speed of the drum etc. This essentially maps out how the batch has been roasted, we taste the results and adjust the course of the roast accordingly until we get the flavour we're looking for.

With all this useful data we can closely monitor how the beans develop and accurately control the roast, ensuring the same level of quality with each batch.  We enjoy exploring single-origin coffees from around the world, each origin will produce a crop with it's own unique profile, the result of many different compounds being produced during it's life cycle, which are then altered in the roast process to become the aromatics and flavours we enjoy. So when we roast we're aiming to develop those flavours just enough to bring out their full potential, without masking them with roasted flavours which occur in darker roasting styles.