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Hot Numbers Roastery at Wrights mowers

We started in a cold little shed in Trumpington with a 5kg Toper, before moving our roastery into town at our second shop. Since then we've grown so much we needed a bigger roaster and more space, We roast on a 15kg Giesen in our new roastery, a 15 minute drive from Cambridge.

The Roastery is a hub for our coffee activities and also home to our artisan bakery and a buzzing cafe. The space allows a window into the creation of our food and coffee.

You’ll find us as

Wrights Mowers

Dunsbridge Turnpike 






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From seed to harvest to processing, Coffea Arabica requires a lot of labour and hard-work on the farm to produce a crop with a high quality, distinct flavour. We try to respect this effort at the roastery, carefully controlling the many variables so we can share the coffee we’re excited to taste and talk about.  

We roast using a 15kg Giesen roaster which is linked to data logging software Cropster. This software gives us a lot of feedback, plotting charts for all the variables, such as drum temperature, airflow, flame temperature, speed of the drum etc. This essentially maps out how the batch has been roasted, we taste the results and adjust the course of the roast accordingly until we get the flavour we're looking for.

With all this useful data we can closely monitor how the beans develop and accurately control the roast, ensuring the same level of quality with each batch.  We enjoy exploring single-origin coffees from around the world, each origin will produce a crop with it's own unique profile, the result of many different compounds being produced during it's life cycle, which are then altered in the roast process to become the aromatics and flavours we enjoy. So when we roast we're aiming to develop those flavours just enough to bring out their full potential, without masking them with roasted flavours which occur in darker roasting styles.




Hot Numbers is an Independent specialty coffee company established in 2011 with two successful coffee shops in Cambridge. Our Roastery was established in 2012 as the next step in our quest to produce the best coffee possible. 


We roast ethically sourced, speciality grade coffee (100% Coffea Arabica.) The aim with our roast process is to tease out all the flavour that the green bean has to offer, without masking any of those notes with bitter burnt or charred flavours you get from darker roasting. 

We've removed the guesswork.

We use a state-of-the-art Giesen Coffee Roasters, each roast feeding into Cropster (data logging software). This means we can precisely control every one of the hundreds of variables which affect flavour and always have a record to replicate our results and produce consistently high quality coffee.


We source our coffee through suppliers who deal direct with coffee producers around the world. They select the highest quality Coffea Arabica each origin has to offer, with the most desirable flavour attributes and free of defects. This is what is generally meant by "speciality grade coffee." 

  • Speciality Grade fetches a higher price, reflective of it's higher quality (not determined by global commodity prices which are based on much lower quality and easier to grow coffee like Coffea Canephora,or disrupted by political and economic factors.)

  • Direct trade ensures the money goes into the producers pockets & that farmers are treated fairly.

  • Offering better prices for farmers creates a stronger impetus for improving quality further and helps to safeguard the future of coffee. (which currently is very uncertain.)

  • Better for the environment- higher prices reduce the need for intensive and pesticide reliant farming practices. (The majority of the coffee we roast is organic, even though farms are not always be able to pay for the certification.)