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Lucy Cait with support from Alice Nicholls 19:30 - 22:00

A mysterious package if ever there was one, Lucy Cait always surprises the first time you see her sing. She sings with a delicate but soulful voice that seems almost disconnected from the teen girl onstage. Her lyrics, and the understanding and depth that she imbues them with, seem beyond the experiences of any normal 18 year-old. 

Lucy released her debut EP, ‘Gabriel’s Wharf’ on Folkroom Records in March 2013. A spark that might just be a moment away from igniting something we’ve not yet imagined.


Alice Nicholls started writing songs and dabbling about with random instruments when she was nine and hasn't looked back (much) since. Hailing from the flatlands of Lincolnshire, or as she likes to call it, 'the land of the three-quarter sky', she later studied music at Huddersfield, training as a classical violinist and singer, but soon found she wanted to limit herself less and muck about with genres more. After a few failed reinventions and a wasted gap year, she is now based in Cambridge.

Vowing from an early age to attempt to play every instrument she could get her hands on, Alice plays keyboards, guitar, ukulele, and sings her own material, often adding in jokes and poetry to her live sets and other instruments such as violin, viola, whistle, mandolin, typewriters, spoons, glass bottles and the like. Part pop, part blues, part folk and all-original, Alice excels at defying definition: the songs vary from delicate strummed strings and soaring melodies to gritty, growly piano power chords, and everything in between, and her lyrics, ranging from gently poetic to downright obscure but always immensely powerful, give you food for thought and stay with you long after the first listen.