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Unlock your Energy with Kinesiology - The Body Never Lies


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Kinesiology uses a system of muscle strength testing to examine the relationship between mind, body and spirit; based on the belief that body language doesn't lie.

It is quick, gentle and non-invasive form of therapy and will help you discover how your body is feeling about the life you are living. By bringing your attention to how your body is responding it makes it easier to know what is right for you. 

It was first used by a medical chiropractor in America in the 1930's and it has been refined and developed since then. It is now used either alone or in conjunction with other therapies toempower the client and encourage optimum health and well-being.

Are experiencing any the following:

• I want to understand what is happening to me

• I need to know why I feel like this

• I'm stuck

• I'm fed up

• I know something is not right

• I don't know where to go or what to do next

• I know I'm worth more than this

Kinesiology can help you to discover what is preventing you from achieving your desired goal.

Format for the evening:

• Mairead will explain how kinesiology works

• What muscle testing is and how it gets results

• What is involved in a treatment and situations it works best in

• Examples of treatments Mairead has given to various people

Activity and get involved:

Mairead will show everyone how to muscle test during the night and teach everyone a simple yet powerful technique for stress release which will be done in pairs working on a current or persistent issue/situation. You can then take it home and teach it to your friends and family!

There will be plenty of time for questions.

It will be a fun evening with lots of work in pairs, you will leave the evening with a good idea of what kinesiology is and provide you with a technique to take home and put in your own personal toolkit.

As with all events, there will be time to meet and mingle during the event to get to know other Rising Stars. Come along and join us! 


19.15 - 19.45: Registration & Mingle (food is available to order from Hot Numbers -

19.45 - 21.30: Mairead Sharing & Activities

21.30 - 21.45: Event Close & Mingle

Speaker Bio:

Mairead is a qualified Kinesiologist and Facial reflexologist SorensensistemTM.

Her professional background was working in a marketing environment for 20 years where she developed her communication and management skills working with lots of different types of people in a stressful environment.  The company had a call centre, consultancy arm and training division and it was in the training division that she evolved her passion for transforming peoples' lives - seeing people change and unfold as a result of positive input.  

When she reached 40 she realised that she craved a less 2-dimensional lifestyle (work and sleep) she decided to study and then qualify as a professional therapist, specialising in Kinesiology.  She realised through the extensive training that this was where she wanted to put her energy and work with people to help them fulfil their potential.  At the same time as she was training as a therapist she was apprenticed to a Navajo Medicine Woman for 10 years, which brings teachings of the Sweet Medicine path to her work.

Subsequently Mairead has been involved in the care sector, working as a health professional. Mairead works from her private therapy room in Newmarket as well as at The Therapy Room in Cambridge. She is a registered professional of the Kinesiology Federation.

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