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Laura McGarrigle aka Gaze is Ghost 19:30 - 22:00

Gaze is Ghost is the pseudonym of Irish songwriter Laura McGarrigle, who having spent the last few years skirting between Edinburgh, India, Paris, and Northern Ireland, has finally settled in Cambridge to to work on follow up songs to her debut EP Plume. The record is a collection of beautiful, ethereal music, led by piano but accompanied on record and live by a small band of collaborators that flesh out the sketches into full flown compositions. Spacious and bewitching soundscapes combine with inventive genre-crossing songwriting; from the skittery, brass-enveloped lounge of Coco-Lico, to the angular sitar assault of Grounding Exercise No.5., idioms you thought you knew are rotated slightly, with kaleidoscopic patterns found on what was previously thought to be a blank wall.

Quotes in Praise of debut Plume:

“Her songs have clearly been in progress for a long time: they are beautiful and unpredictable, full of inventive swells and twists of sound which grab the attention, as does her voice; she moves from low to high notes with effortless grace... This is the most interesting introduction I’ve had to a new artist in a long time, with barely any hype around her, just a flurry out of nowhere. Worth your attention.”

  • Becky Varley-Winter, For Folks Sake

“Wow. That was the first word, and the only one uttered for what felt like an eternity as we listened to ‘Coco Lico’, the opening track on the new ‘Plume’ EP by Irish songwriter Laura McGarrigle. The production and arrangements are fabulous; it takes real skill to produce an EP with such evident meticulous attention to detail and yet make it sound effortlessly cool, vast and ethereal... .”

  • Vader Evader.

    “Combine an incredibly talented pianist with a compositionally creative mindset, casually throw in an ethereal voice that dominates every track and you have Gaze is Ghost... This alternative experimental work is beautiful, clean and exceptionally gorgeous.”

    • Sarah McRuvie, Lilyonmusic.

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David Youngs 15:00 - 17:30