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The Rising Network: Techniques to Empower women-preneurs

The Rising Network is a forum for women to inspire and promote women empowerment by providing a space for self exploration and growth. Connect with other women to share life experience and knowledge across all aspects of life. Whether it be self discovery, personal exploration, family, relationships or career fulfillment, the network will provide the support and platform to discover how to live a fulfilling life and balance all aspects of life positively as they are all interlinked.

Meet up with other like-minded women to explore the challenges and opportunities that we come across in everyday life. Come join and talk about your life journey and share your story and experiences. This forum explores all elements and facets of life and is open to any women who want to talk in a friendly environment. Get involved and have some fun! Get to know yourself and other women in this vibrant community.

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Earlier Event: 15 August
Rebecca Heyne 19:30 - 22:00
Later Event: 19 August
Drink & Draw 19:00