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Cambridge Quantified Self

Cambridge Quantified Self is a meetup group for everyone interested in self­improvement
through self­measurement.

We call ourselves QS Wannabees, because most of us are not quite there yet. Some
members track things like diet, exercise, sleep, and mood, but are not sure how to learn and change behaviour based on the data. Others try to build tools that could help users gain the necessary data insight, but are not quite sure exactly what the users need.
Hopefully this group can help create the synergy effects to get your quantified self efforts

Please come and join us at our monthly meetings. We meet and chat about all things
quantified self, before and after Show and Tell talks. Talks are often community lead, but
sometimes also by invited speakers. Feel free to suggest new speakers, including yourself!

Please see­Quantified­Self/ for more info.
Registration essential.