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Misfits Local

What is Misfit Local?

Misfit Local is the place to listen to stories from other people in our community here in Cambridge, UK – Misfit Storytellers. Misfit Storytellers are just like you and me – trying to make a difference where we can, trying to understand our journey so far in life, and trying to help others along the way. By sharing our stories, we can learn from each other and help each other to move closer to the change we want to see.

Misfit Local is also the place to bring an idea, whatever stage it’s at – seed, shoot, or sapling. It’s difficult to do things differently, and take steps to get an idea off the ground – especially if it’s an idea you’re really passionate about, and others keep shouting you down! At Misfit Local you can share your idea in a supportive environment and ask for help from the community.

When and Where?

Every other month, from 7pm to 9.30pm at Hot Numbers, Gwydir St, Cambridge.

Expect conversation, questions, and telling a little of your own story. Naysaying and asking the question, "So what do you do?" are off limits, but with great coffee, wines, and beers on offer, who could be a grouch? With an average of twenty friendly people each time, and a quarter of those fresh faces, you don't need to worry about being the new kid on the block either.

This Month's Misfit Storyteller - Jon Torrens

Jon likes characters, stories, and facing the chilling fear of the unknown (actually, he's not that keen on the last one, but he's done it anyway). 

He's worked both as a game designer (and experienced the joy of deadlines) at games companies including Sony and Criterion, and as a professional stand-up comic for a few years, so he knows how to engage and motivate. Occasionally he can be funny too.

Jon teaches confident communication, using his stand-up skills to help people speak confidently. He likes doing things differently every time and breaking rules wherever possible, except the rule of three. We'll be talking about some or all of these - and you'll have to turn up to find out if Jon's face really is pixellated!

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