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Misfit Local

Our Misfit Storyteller this month is someone with a story to share that you can learn from - a story of overcoming obstacles, making a positive difference locally, and the lessons from their adventures.

Back in 2013, Lou invented a super hero alter ego called Danger Lou to help her to take more risks in life. Since then she's completed a number of 30 Day Challenges based on taking more risks and having more fun in her life. Challenges have seen her working out ways to boost her fitness, taking photos to help her get up earlier, or doodling every day to feel more creative. Most recently, she's been working on a model to help you understand the stages that you go through when you're facing change in your life.

Come along to find out how to have a more playful approach to making changes in your life, and to have a go at fighting Lou's evil nemesis. Expect conversation about robots, scaring yourself, and outer space. Because if change isn't the final frontier, what is? To register and for more info