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Misfits Local - Yum Jam

Everyone you encounter has a story to tell. 

That’s why we started Misfit Local – it tells stories you won't hear anywhere else, and it’s just for you.

* No one should ever be unable to attend Misfit Local because they can't afford it, so we're committed to keeping it free. You can choose to make a donation, if you're able to. You can still attend for free and we'll never hassle you for money. 

Get tickets now to be sure of your space!  

This Month's Misfit Storyteller - Anusha

This month's Misfit Story will explore improvisation in both food and music with Anusha. Anusha is a singer, UX designer and foodie who looks for ways to converge her passions. This led her to run some creativity workshops, food and music events - including Larder Unlimited and Yum Jam. Her latest passion is her wee daughter who is under a year old.

Anusha strongly believes everyone is capable of creativity and enjoys enabling people to be imaginative. We will hear Anusha's Misfit story in our usual Misfit style - Anusha in conversation with one of our interviewers, followed by a Q&A session.

Try It - Yum Jam

Following the Misfit Story, Anusha will give us a taster of one of her events - Yum Jam! You'll get to test the concept of improvising and composing with food ingredients - in response to the inspiration of a live music jam. If you have a musical instrument at home, you are welcome to bring it with you to join in with the music!

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