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Seby Ntege Band

Ugandan afro/soul dance music

Seby Ntege is a singer songwriter from the Busoga region in the eastern part of Uganda, renowned for producing some of the best multi-instrumentalist in the country – and indeed Seby is a master of a variety of traditional instruments from his country including akogo thumb piano, endongo lyre, adungu harp and endingidi, a one string fiddle. To this Seby has added the West African Kora which he learnt with the widely acclaimed and celebrated Gambian female Kora virtuoso Sona Jobarteh with whom he toured internationally.

He describes his forthcoming album, Five Notes, as “a personal and emotional piece of work that describes my own experience of 14 years of living in the UK and my musical journey while in the UK.”

Upholding the Ugandan style of music which is mainly based on a pentatonic scale (hence the album title “Five Notes”) The Seby Ntege band is a musical marriage between Uganda, the UK and West Africa.