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Vesperados is a contemporary acoustic jazz quartet fusing Afro-Caribbean rhythms with haunting melodies and cutting-edge harmonies.

Based in London, UK, Vesperados brings together composer and trumpeter James Brady, tenor saxophonist Alex Hitchcock, bassist Edwin Ireland and drummer and percussionist Matt Parkinson. United by their quest for expressive rhythm, the quartet perform original compositions and radical reimaginings of key Latin jazz pieces laced with rich colours.

With the unusual combination of two melody instruments and no harmony instrument, Vesperados has a unique sound driven by the sinuous interweaving lines of James and Alex, the commanding groove of Edwin and the sensitive, melodic drumming of Matt.

Vesperados’ sound palette draws from wide-ranging inspiration, citing cool chamber jazz, Brazillian grooves and latino beats as primary influences.  However the quartet is adroit at drawing inspiration from a much deeper pool, evidence their exquisite reworking of a renaissance chanson in dazzling four-part invention.

`James Brady (horns) and Alex Hitchcock (tenor sax) have their roots in the vibrant Cambridge jazz scene, but are surely destined to follow their fortunes in a wider sphere.  Whatever music they address the band members add their own confident assurance to serve up an engaging and satisfying mix of well-tempered jazz'.

Cambridge Modern Jazz Club

Earlier Event: 14 July
Later Event: 22 July
Vegan Pot luck and Open Mic