We have wholesale options to fit most requirements. From small offices looking for a monthly supply of coffee for their team, to the busy cafe grinding through kilos of coffee a week, we provide a reliable supply of excellent coffee and a wealth of experience and knowledge.


For consistency and flavour we have designed two speciality espresso blends:  

BRILLIANT CORNERS | A blend to make you stand out from the crowd. A Chocolatey-rich bass line cut through with punchy summer fruit in the top notes.

BREAKFAST WINE | A balanced and smooth coffee with a slightly heavier roast than our normal roast profile. Full of familiar flavours, satisfying and easy to work with.


At each stage of the roast we are monitoring data using the latest roasting technology. From this we create an accurate roast profile that we can replicate to ensure our coffee is at its best every time. However, there are factors the data cannot convey.  We continually taste test our coffee and listen to feedback from our customers to mitigate this and make sure we're always hitting the mark!


Coffee, Cafe Supplies + workflow solutions. Made for you with your customers in mind. With all the extras available under one roof.

Kandula Tea, Oatly Barista + KoKo Deluxe Hot Chocolate



need more information? Email the roastery with any questions and we'll get back to you asap!